ARI-10721 : 광학(LCD) 필름 UV 코팅제
Glass Coating UV Curable Gloss solvent  UV  
Solids Content 70% by wt
Pencil hardness  3H
Viscosity (@25) Approx. 265 cps.
Specific Gravity (@25) 0.935
Efficiency (about 50g/) 1UV lamp 120w/cm about 42m/min
Elongation at Break 5
Adhesion Resistance Excellent
Film Hardness 3H JIS K5400 6.14
Abrasion Resistance OK IPC SM 840A 3.5.1
Adhesion 100/100 JIS D 0202 8.12
Machinability OK IPC SM 840A 3.5.3
Resistance to Solvents    IPC SM 840A 3.6.2
1.1.1. Trichloroehtane OK
Methylene chloride OK
Boiling OK Room Temp For 30Min
Flammability UL-94V-0 100℃ For 5Hrs
Resistance to Molten solder 3Times OK JIS C 6481 260℃ 3Sec.
Dielectric strength 1,000V DC/mil IPC SM 840A 3.8.1
Volume resistivity 1Ⅹ1015  Ω-㎝ ASTM D-257
Surface resistance 5Ⅹ1015  ASTM D-257
Insulation resistance (Class 3) 1Ⅹ1011  IPC SM 840A 3.8.2
Dielectric loss trangent(1MHz) 0.02 JIS C 6481 
Dielectric constant (1MHz) 3 JIS C 6481
Hydrolytic stability OK IPC SM 840A 3.6.3
Moisture and insulation Resistance (class 3) 1Ⅹ1011  IPC SM 840A 3.9.1
Electromigration OK IPC SM 840A 3.9.2