다기능의 보일러 냉각계통의 부식방지제

Part #SizeType
5 gal pail (19 liter)Liquid
55 gal drum (208 liter)Liquid

제품문의 : 010-2184-8948


VpCI-615 is a phosphonate-based long-term corrosion inhibitor which will protect low to medium pressure boilers. 

VpCI-615 can be used under a wide range of system conditions. 

It will provide improved heat transfer efficiency and longer equipment life by keeping the system free from corrosion attack and harmful insulating deposits. 

This multifunctional product contains antiscalant to handle high mineral waters, while neutralizing the acids present in the condensate system and depleting oxygen to 

prevent damage to the boiler system. 


? Protects against pitting 

? Reduces maintenance time and costs 

? Very economical low dosage 

? Liquid form delivery for easy, direct application to system without premixing 

? Extends boiler system life 

? Easy to control treatment program 

? Provides protection to ferrous metals, aluminum alloys, and galvanized steel 


The recommended dosage of VpCI-615 (100-300 ppm) will depend on several factors such as boiler pressure, feed water, hardness, etc. 

Please contact Cortec for recommendations.


Appearance              : Clear dark brown liquid 

Non-volatile Content  : 25-30% 

pH                          : 12.0-12.5 (Neat) 

Density                    : 9.7-9.8 lb/gal (1.16-1.17kg/l)